About Langley House Trust

Langley House Trust is an innovative Christian charity that provides specialist housing, care and support services in the community, and targeted advice in prisons, for people seeking to live crime-free. With one one of the lowest reconviction rates in the country – under 3% whilst people are in our housing and care – we are changing lives and making communities safer across the country.

Regardless of a person’s history, our passion is to change every life for the better, working with people of all faiths and none. We are an Investors in People Gold accredited employer which means we invest in our people, and we were also awarded the Charity of the Year Award by Charity Times in 2018 and shortlisted for the same award in 2021 and 2022.

Langley House Trust was formed in 1958 by a group of Christians spurred on by a passion, commitment and a desire to see the lives of offenders changed for the better. Part of the Langley group, Kainos Community, transforms lives through Challenge to Change, a pioneering prison wing community and post-release mentoring programme. Clean Sheet, also a part of the Langley Group, is a pathway to employment, supporting people after they leave prison into training and employment.

Kevin’s Story

“Before coming to Langley I had spent many years in prison… I’d not spent more than 5 months out of prison in the past 35 years”

In this short introductory video to one of our services listen to Kevin, along with some of our staff members, share his story and the impact that the people and work of Langley have had on his life.

Emma’s Story

“Life was very hectic before I came to Langley. I was trying to commit suicide left, right and centre. My boyfriend committed suicide. We’d both been homeless and battling with mental health. I took a massive overdose. I didn’t think for one minute that I was going to be leaving my kids forever.

Since being at Langley, I’m a million miles on compared to when I first started. I’ve got the strength to stand by my kids and have my kids with me. My biggest goal is to deal with my mental health and to have my kids at the same time and I’ve just about done it. I knew that I had 110% support from all of the staff – there was nothing that I couldn’t turn to them for. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt safe. I feel stable. Langley gave me enough confidence to help me to see that I could actually fight for my kids and stand by what I say.

I felt like such a failure as a mum. But I know that everything I have done is for them. I feel so much better. I’ve got a job in a charity shop. I love it and they love me! I’ve never had a real job or held a job down before. I got my first TV licence and I’ve had this for a year now! I didn’t have a TV licence before. I’m now paying all my debts off. I’ve got a really nice new place with patio doors. It will be my home where I have the kids. I can’t wait.

Langley has given me my life back after death. They’ve been amazing. I’m not scared of living anymore. I’ve got a future.”

Staff and clients together at one of our services

Investors in People Gold Employer




We’re proud to be an Investors in People Gold Employer which means we invest in our people. This is a huge achievement as our assessment covers the last 3 years of unprecedented challenges through the pandemic; additionally, Investors in People have raised the bar and acknowledge that it is harder now to secure the Gold standard than in previous years as they want to keep it meaningful.


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Investors in People have been making work better for organisations across the world since 1991. Since then, we’ve worked in 66 countries, making work better for over 11 million people worldwide.

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