Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the NSPCC 

We believe that every individual has the right to be their true self and to live a full life without prejudice, fear or barriers. This is the starting point for all our commitments and actions and underpins our commitment to be there for all children. 

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Vision 

Eighteen months ago, we created our EDI vision: 

Together, we can remove real and perceived barriers, valuing everybody who volunteers with, works for, supports or benefits from our work.

 We are committed to play our part in creating and fostering a society that promotes mutual respect and that truly values individuality and difference. A society that embraces individuals for who they are. A society that nurtures richness of our collective diversity and what we can each uniquely contribute. 

Our commitment to play our part in understanding and breaking down systemic and institutional barriers and prejudice and creating an equal and fair society must start with us. 

We are led by the following five principles: 

  1. Transparency – We publicly share our diversity data; in relation to our workforce and, where we’re able to, those we are here to serve and support.
  2. Accountability – We may not always get it right but we promise to learn from this - so we avoid repeating the same mistake. We acknowledge when we get it wrong.
  3. Humility – When we do not have all the answers, we ask the right questions and work with the right people to become better informed.
  4. Partnership – We work with and alongside others in partnership, championing and learning from their experiences, expertise and insight. By standing with and amplifying the work of others we achieve far more than we can alone.
  5. Focus – We’ll use what we learn by collecting evidence and understanding the experiences of our people, our partners and those we are here to support to make positive change. And we will be focused and committed to doing this: aligning and amplifying our resources and efforts to increase their impact.